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EcoVapourClean: a cleaner, easier path to profitable results

No longer is it necessary to put up with the high cost of purchasing, cleaning up and disposing of large volumes of blast media to achieve quality results in record time.

EcoVapourClean’s  Abrasive technology gives you an equally powerful blast that works quickly like dry blasting, but requires a fraction of the blast media and the time required to clean it up. That leaves you with savings in material, labour and disposal costs, which you can turn into profit.

Less dust than dry blasting, less water than traditional water-based blasting

EcoVapourClean’s  technology differs significantly from dry, slurry and traditional water-based blast methods. The machine employs its own patent-pending GRX Flow Dynamics technology, which optimizes the air, water and media ratio. The result is a fine mist with a blast that is powerful like the dry method, but with up to 92 percent less airborne dust.

  1.  Unlike conventional wet blasting, the mist expelled quickly evaporates.
  2.  No pools of water left behind.
  3.  No toxic runoff to worry about.
  4.  And because it uses significantly less blast media than wet blasting, clean-up is minimal.

The result is a cleaner, better-contained process that current customers will appreciate and future customers will prefer.

To find our more about this specialist and innovative solution visit our dedicated Vapour blasting website or call us on 0800 33 74 55 

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