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Industrial Unit, Coventry

Precision Required when D-Drill Successfully Remove Mezzanine Floor

D-Drill was contracted to carefully remove a 108 tonne mezzanine floor in an industrial unit without damaging the ring beam around the building. The D-Drill team used flush cutting on the floor with a wall saw because the external wall was staying in place, but an internal wall was being removed with the mezzanine floor. This technique guaranteed a clean and tight cut against the wall to reduce any damage to the ring beam.

The floor dimensions were 5mtr x 30mtr x 300mm deep and was flush cut in stages to prevent an involuntary collapse. The equipment used to complete the works included a hydrostress track saw, Brokk 180 and Brokk 40.

D-Drill's Coventry Branch Manager, said “The job was quite complicated because of the instability of the internal wall that had to be demolished without hindering the removal of the mezzanine floor. The breakout was done with a Brokk 180 which was the most effective method because it minimised the risk of fume inhalation which would have been a problem with conventional demolition machines.”

The work was successfully completed on time and in budget. Further work was also awarded to D-Drill thanks to the conscientious operatives and the plant used.

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